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This week…

It’s late already, 4:45 pm, I had scheduled time at 10 am today to write this newsletter and already the day has flown by. With a small delivery in Ventura, some errands, and a short detour to the boat for another coat of varnish, the day is slipping away. And in the middle of all […]


It’s a warm and sunny afternoon here at the LOL Headquarters for writing the 4th edition of our weekly Newsletter. I am pretty amazed that I am sticking to my writing goal as my concentration and follow-through have been seriously lacking these past few months. Even though it is a beautiful day out there as […]

The Day We Made It

Tonight I am comfortably sitting in our small apartment still adjusting back to land life after moving off of our sailboat home of 10 years. After deliveries today and loading up for deliveries to a new Albertsons in Goleta tomorrow (Thanks so much to Ahmed a wonderful customer of ours from Albertsons Calle Real), I […]

A South Pacific Perspective

It has been almost three months since Tom and I spent most of June exploring the Society Islands of the South Pacific on a trip we have waited too long to take. We set up our businesses to be taken care of by a competent team of amazing and hardworking people, packed our bags, charged […]

We’ve moved back to land!

It’s another extra hot day this morning as I write this sitting from my familiar and comfortable space at the LOL Headquarters in Ventura. I am feeling grateful, but out of sorts as we have now officially moved off of our sailboat to our spacious one bedroom space on the water. After over 9 years […]

Heat Wave brings changes this week…

Good Morning LOL Believers! We have been working behind the scenes for so long to keep lemonade land going! So many people are responsible every day for the success of LOL and we appreciate all of the efforts that they have put in to make this company move forward every day for the last almost […]

Weekly Update 11/15/21

11/15/21 9:02 pm Monday Although the weather is still pretty warm, we have been slowing just a bit at LOL this last week giving us some time to catch up on filing and getting organized again. With the newest lemonade addition now launched and on its way, I am super happy to have a new […]

Weekly Note

11/7/21 Sunday 6:18 am The fog blankets our home aboard our sailboat. We have seen more gray skies this year at the beach than I ever remember in prior years. I’ve got my hot cup of coffee, turned on the small space heater and sitting at the dinette table typing to you this morning. This […]

We’ve got Glass!

Its been a whirlwind last week trying to make sure that all of our supplies get to the plant for bottling at the end of this week, the first of 3 bottling runs that will restock all of our flavors including our new, Baja Lemonade Tea! We found this drawing from 2012 when we first […]

Flurry of lemonade and life

It’s been a crazy time. Dealing with supply shortages, selling out of everything, navigating a time that we’ve never seen before. And in the midst, we lost my husband’s Dad, my father in law. Thank goodness I have lemonade land to escape to again. It’s been a tough time, losing my Dad just 8 months […]