It’s another extra hot day this morning as I write this sitting from my familiar and comfortable space at the LOL Headquarters in Ventura. I am feeling grateful, but out of sorts as we have now officially moved off of our sailboat to our spacious one bedroom space on the water. After over 9 years that we have been aboard our current 41′ cruising sailboat, I do believe we have gone to the other side making it hard to transition from the sea to land. Although the conditions at the dock and surrounding area were less than ideal, we were born into this sailing business and with the wanderlust that was handed down by my sailing Dad who solo circumnavigated the world for 7 years, I was always called to the sea as the place of comfort and calm. But, during the last few years, our paradise was changed as I wrote last week. So, on to the next adventure, and I am counting my blessings as we now have a land space that we can retreat into when the world just gets to be too much. Lucky for us we still feel at home as we watch boats sail by, the sea lions bark (still all night) and know that we can still get down to our sailboat anytime we want, mostly to work about boat projects and get out sailing, out to the islands and beyond. And now, I can spend more time concentrating on LOL and our next big projects. Mainly plotting and planning how to expand our reach to get to more of our customers. 

So, while the expansiveness of 700 square feet seems like a lot of extra room, we are taking time to get used to our new surroundings. While we have nothing in the freezer except 1 carton of vanilla ice cream as we are getting used to the idea that we have a real refrigerator and now a freezer that isn’t the size of a 3 ring binder. (the boat freezer wasn’t cold enough or big enough for a carton of ice cream) The comforts, the strange sounds of the washer and dryer, refrigerator and water heater are all going to take some getting used to. So while we miss the cozy cocoon of the Taiwanese teak that surrounded us, we know that this is the right move for us at this time. But as always, change is hard. I think changing things up a bit every so often helps keep us on our toes, keeps life exciting and makes us step outside our comfort zone. We always have choices, some are harder than others, but there are always options – sometimes the right ones are harder to see…

For today, I need to fill my small lemonade refrigerator placed by my office door to make sure we have enough cold lemonade for all of the delivery people that come by our office! I always offer them a free iced cold bottle – because, our lemonade is meant to be shared :)

Thank you as always, we are here to serve you the most delicious lemonades for you to sip and share…

Lori Volk, Chief Believer

lori volk

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