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We have been working behind the scenes for so long to keep lemonade land going! So many people are responsible every day for the success of LOL and we appreciate all of the efforts that they have put in to make this company move forward every day for the last almost 11 years!

Lots happening during this heat wave week… we have finally decided that moving off our boat after 9+ years of living aboard is the best for us at this time- It is with mixed feelings that I write this as I sit at my desk at the LOL Headquarters. It is just before 11 am and the air conditioning is already kicking in as summer has finally arrived at the beach. It will be the hottest of days of all the summer as we prepare to move into a small space we found near the water this week. Both Tom and I have gone back and forth on this decision for months – we moved aboard to save money, pay off all of the parent-plus loans we took out, and live more simply. Since we achieved our goals last November we have been lost on what our next step was to be. As the pandemic brought an overload of people to the marinas every weekend and filled up the docks with so many boats we just feel this isn’t what we signed up for 9 years ago. Our secret paradise has been found – And while the loads of people that flock to our harbor now are happy to be there, our quiet serene neighborhood just isn’t the same anymore.

As our businesses are keeping us both so busy it just isn’t in the near future for us to leave the dock for months at a time at this point so we have made the hard decision to move to land for a bit… Of course, we will then be back to our beloved sailboat on the weekends and preparing for many more sailing trips to the islands and hopefully Mexico this winter.

Since we gave and sold everything we owned away years ago, we have had to purchase everything to fill the small space that we will move into. From furniture to teapots, dishes to pots and pans we needed it all… At 60 it feels strange to be starting over again, but exciting in a new way. A comfy bed instead of a close quarter bunk, a real kitchen instead of a galley with a small propane stove, and a real bathroom that isn’t the size of a broom closet are what I look forward to the most. Oh, and the cozy heating that will be warmer than having to sit by the space heater bundled in down coats during the winter will be nice. And during the storms to have a secure place that isn’t blowing sideways will be a treat.

But, it is a new transition and I am sure that will take a bit to get used to as we haven’t lived on the land for so long. Now, we will have the best of both worlds as we navigate this next chapter.

So, for now, we are ready to add another adventure to our life…

Thank you as always for following along, as we continue to make it our mission to bring you the most delicious organic lemonades for you to sip and share.


Lori, Chief Believer

Lori’s Original Lemonade, est 2011

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