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Weekly Update 11/15/21

11/15/21 9:02 pm Monday Although the weather is still pretty warm, we have been slowing just a bit at LOL this last week giving us some time to catch up on filing and getting organized again. With the newest lemonade addition now launched and on its way, I am super happy to have a new […]

Weekly Note

11/7/21 Sunday 6:18 am The fog blankets our home aboard our sailboat. We have seen more gray skies this year at the beach than I ever remember in prior years. I’ve got my hot cup of coffee, turned on the small space heater and sitting at the dinette table typing to you this morning. This […]

We’ve got Glass!

Its been a whirlwind last week trying to make sure that all of our supplies get to the plant for bottling at the end of this week, the first of 3 bottling runs that will restock all of our flavors including our new, Baja Lemonade Tea! We found this drawing from 2012 when we first […]

Flurry of lemonade and life

It’s been a crazy time. Dealing with supply shortages, selling out of everything, navigating a time that we’ve never seen before. And in the midst, we lost my husband’s Dad, my father in law. Thank goodness I have lemonade land to escape to again. It’s been a tough time, losing my Dad just 8 months […]

July Notes

Hello LOL Believers! I keep forgetting that we still have a place to blog here :) Seriously, this has been one of the most difficult times in the history of our company. While we are so grateful to be here typing this to you, our team has been fighting every day to find the ingredients […]

March Notes

Hello from the LOL Headquarters! We hope that this email finds you and your family healthy and sorting your way through this pandemic. It is certainly a time of learning and understanding. We are looking forward to the weather warming up! Lemonade sales are starting to pick up in the stores and online. We have […]

Need more lemonade…

It is just a minute before noon. The sun is unusually warm with a cool wind blowing off the ocean as I sit in the cockpit of our home aboard the ocean. My new noise-canceling headphones have literally changed my life. tuning out the unwanted chatter and noise when I want to focus. So, with […]

Weekly Note; Just Show Up

Weekly Note; 12/15/19 10:03 pm Just Show Up Life aboard the boat on a cold winter Sunday night usually ends with the little space heater going full blast in the salon and watching the latest show on the small Direct TV that is mounted on the bulkhead. Tonight its one of my favorite classics, The […]

Weekly Note

Weekly Note; 12/8/19 7:19pm It’s dark with a chill in the air now as the night settles in on our home aboard our sailboat. I’ve been sipping a hot coffee with a little bit of Irish Creme as I reflect on the last few days as I sit writing this at our chart table. With […]

Weekly Note

I remember the moment I created Lori’s Original Lemonade. What would happen over the next 4 months to actual physical manifestation of the lemonade would be nothing short of a miracle. Still, I am in awe of the enormous amount of work and everything that had to come together to make the first bottles off […]