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23 days in to 2023

Journal 1/23/23 302pm Monday It’s Monday and I realized I missed last week’s updates… again! 23 Days in and with 342 days left I am looking forward with mixed emotions on what I would like to accomplish this year. We have 342 more days to make “it” happen… What will we choose? I think for […]

Journal Friday 1/13/23

Journal 1/13/23 Friday 840 am Good Friday Morning! It’s a chilly 49 degrees on the Sea of Cortez as I write, my wood burning stove never caught well this morning so the propane heater is working over time. Tom just made a breakfast of eggs and potatoes using up the last of what we brought. […]

Surviving the doldrums

12/15/22 10:16 pm Thursday It’s late, and the temperature is dropping, but tonight I don’t feel that chill, nor the boat rocking back and forth, I don’t hear the clanging of the halyards or feel the bubbles from the sea lions under my sailboat. Tonight I won’t be going to sleep in a down sleeping […]

Lemonade and Winter

11/15/22 With the weather getting colder it is getting quieter around the LOL headquarters. We had a few big orders go out last week and with the record breaking month we had last month, it was bound to slow up a bit. We’ve got another fresh batch of Lavender, Strawberry and our Original, “Classic” lemonades […]

Lemonade Life last week…

We had a little mishap with the LOL cube last week- I lost power on a busy Ventura roadway, turns out the radiator blew and the car shut it self down… All is well, that is after I pay the mechanic a lot of money to fix it… Looks like there is no slowing down […]

Celebrating 11 Years…

Its been a whirlwind of a week, setting up for the Jordanos Food Show, our valued distributor in Santa Barbara, tracking the supplies for the bottling this week, piloting our 41′ Sailboat in and out of the dock (for the first time!), and taking the 3rd Power Squadron boat handling class… Oh and somewhere along […]

It’s Showtime!

We are preparing for the famous Jordanos Food Show on Sunday and Monday at Earl Warren Fairgrounds in Santa Barbara. It’s been 3 years since they had it and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new faces! I’m gathering up our supplies, the famous hat and basket I first took a […]

This week…

It’s late already, 4:45 pm, I had scheduled time at 10 am today to write this newsletter and already the day has flown by. With a small delivery in Ventura, some errands, and a short detour to the boat for another coat of varnish, the day is slipping away. And in the middle of all […]


It’s a warm and sunny afternoon here at the LOL Headquarters for writing the 4th edition of our weekly Newsletter. I am pretty amazed that I am sticking to my writing goal as my concentration and follow-through have been seriously lacking these past few months. Even though it is a beautiful day out there as […]

The Day We Made It

Tonight I am comfortably sitting in our small apartment still adjusting back to land life after moving off of our sailboat home of 10 years. After deliveries today and loading up for deliveries to a new Albertsons in Goleta tomorrow (Thanks so much to Ahmed a wonderful customer of ours from Albertsons Calle Real), I […]