Lavender Lemonade


Lori’s Lavender Lemonade won Best Beverage 2016 from Beverage World Magazine.

Lori’s Lavender Lemonade is pure and refreshing, crafted with fresh, organic California juice, organic cane sugar and delicate, Lavender flowers. Brewed as a tea, it is simple, smooth and perfectly balanced between the tartness of the lemons and sweetness of the cane sugar. A recipe from her kitchen, a dream in hand, Lori is now proudly supporting organic farmers worldwide with one of the best lemonades on the market today.


Ginger Lemonade


Lori’s Ginger Lemonade awarded the sofi Silver Award for Cold Beverage 2018 by Specialty Food Association.

There is nothing quite like sailing – Lori and her husband live aboard their 41′ sailboat and have been making Ginger lemonade for years. Organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar and organic ginger root extract processed with a supercritical extraction Co2 process creates a super spicy and sweet flavor.


Original Lemonade

Lori’s Original Lemonade is a fantastic version of Lori’s Original plain lemonade – anything but plain! Each bottle is filled with fresh squeezed organic lemon juice and the sweet organic unprocessed cane sugar that has a slight molasses/honey flavor. This is a classic lemonade that all ages will enjoy bringing back the days of summers surrounded by friends and family.


Wild Strawberry Lemonade


Lori’s Wild Strawberry is a full flavored Strawberry Lemonade with mouth-watering, sweet organic strawberries, blended with organic fresh lemon juice and organic cane sugar. it provides a bold fantastic strawberry flavor ready for mixing with cocktails, ready to drink as is or a light option with sparkling water.


Lemongrass Lite Lemonade

Lori’s Lemongrass Lite goes back to our roots. We mixed fresh organic lemon juice with a dash of organic stevia and a splash of lemongrass to brighten it up! Exceptional flavor!


The glass bottle and cap are both sustainable components that are recyclable and much better for the environment than plastic. They can also be used for multi serving purposes, and are both BPA non-intent.


We source our organic lemon juice from our farmers who work relentlessly to provide you with the healthiest and organic lemons that nature can grow.