1/13/23 Friday 840 am

Good Friday Morning!

It’s a chilly 49 degrees on the Sea of Cortez as I write, my wood burning stove never caught well this morning so the propane heater is working over time. Tom just made a breakfast of eggs and potatoes using up the last of what we brought. The sky is blue and the sun is shining bright over the sea. I contemplate what my dreams and visions are for LOL for the coming year. Jack Johnson serenades us to “Slow Down you are Moving too Fast” and we are just settling into the Baja pace as we prepare to leave soon. But we will be back – planning to go to the whales again further south next month. I need to reconnect with the amazing creatures of the sea as we spend time on the water with them, something happens when you put your hand on one of these giants and look them in the eye… We love being off the grid, propane for cooking, solar for power – self sufficient – the sea and sand, ospreys, occasional desert fox, owls, the beauty of the Baja desert.

Well Tom and I missed the storm of the century… actually we started out at 4am the morning of and with windshield wipers going at full speed I contemplated for the next hour turning around. We were headed to our small beach casa off the grid on the Sea of Cortez for some R&R and a little catch up on work. But, we out ran the storm and it cleared up somewhere in San Bernardino.

As for LOL, we are bottling again! We are out of Ginger and we can’t put it off any longer – Ginger has been a long standing favorite of our customers for many years now.  So, before we left I ordered pallets of fresh frozen juice, ginger and pallets and pallets of bulk glass! Good that we are getting our glass from CA now and it doesn’t have to come from Canada or out of state! Prices are going up on almost everything that I am buying now and I am being torn on whether or not we have to raise the price yet. We haven’t done a price increase in years…. It is my least favorite part of this adventure I have created. We will hold off as long as we can.

In the meantime I love getting phone calls from our super fans! Did you know that you can find the number for us on our bottle and call me directly? ;) for the good or bad it has been that way since day one. But I love it. Thank you to all of you new and old fans you are my inspiration and fuel to keep going.

I am visioning more help with LOL coming – we have grand plans and I know that can’t do this by myself anymore.  I am recharging slowly as I recover from a bit of burnout mode which I’ve experienced many times over the last 11 years.

So here is to year 12! My goal is to expand to more locations so that you can find us easier. I want to bring you my book about the the crazy adventures of LOL this year and I want to continue to bring you the most delicious organic lemonades for you to sip and share.

With gratitude xo

Lori, Chief Believer Lori’s Original Lemonade

Since 2011