11/7/21 Sunday 6:18 am

The fog blankets our home aboard our sailboat. We have seen more gray skies this year at the beach than I ever remember in prior years. I’ve got my hot cup of coffee, turned on the small space heater and sitting at the dinette table typing to you this morning. This Sunday we are still recovering from a very bad cold/cough that has taken me down for nearly two weeks now, and Tom just a few days in. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick, but the time down has forced me to slow the pace of life, reflect and take time to just enjoy my time on the boat without any schedule to adhere to.

Lemonade is moving along well, despite me being under the weather and we have already hit our sales goal for the month last week. So, now its checking in on inventory, supplies, finishing up our goals for 2022, catching up filing at the office, organizing processes and working on our new shippers for our online sales distribution. We are more than just a little excited to be preparing to pay off the last of the loans that we took out to grow LOL within just a couple of months now. Our 10 year goal of being debt free will have been achieved. Growing LOL without the extra help of investors has been a challenge, and I didn’t have any idea just how difficult that would be. But, we are close now, very close and imagining the feeling that we will have when we hit this enormous goal. We are more than grateful for our suppliers, customers, retailers, advisors and mentors throughout this past year where things were so difficult. Our company not only survived but it thrived during this past year. At the close of another week, I look forward to what is in store for the upcoming days. Every morning I am still as excited to get to the office as I was the first moment that LOL was created 10 years ago. :)

Thank you for letting us serve you the most delicious lemonades for you to sip and share.

Lori, Chief Believer xo

Lori’s Original Lemonade

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