loris original lemonade living on a boat

Its cold this morning, so cold that my mac is freezing as my hands try to rest on the edge of it. Tom made me a cup of hot coffee (love my Keurig on the boat!) I’ve got the little space heater on and have extra layers to try and get warm. A cozy fleece scarf always does the trick.
I opened up my map quest for day 2 of being on the road to visit my customers and my location was pinned in blue, completely detached from land. I was inspired to think about that for a minute.
Detached from land it showed me. as we barrel into the holiday season which stresses accumulation of everything, I am purging and selling the last of the things I brought from my home in Ojai. If its not lemonade, multifunctional, backpacking or sailing gear I’m not too interested these days in accumulating anything else. The freedom that it brings however is not without its challenges as old programming can set in.
I am interested in a more peaceful life where I am still searching for happiness. But as my older daughter reminded me yesterday, I am addicted to a bit of drama. Not happy about that part, but she tells it like she sees it. There is always something to work on.
Our purpose for selling our home and letting go of everything in it was to create more space for the new life of my lemonade company. Most importantly it was to save money so we could become debt free by paying off everything including the parent plus loans we had taken on for our three kids.
Letting go, taking care of self, setting priorities and sticking to the goals are what I aspire for 2018.
Wishing you peace and happiness
Lori, Chief Believer
Lori’s Original Lemonade