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A day in the life of lemonade….

Three kids in college, mounting parent plus loan debt and a new empty nester Mom turning 50 was a recipe for a mid life crisis disaster.  But I rewrote that recipe into figuring out how to take my homemade Lavender Lemonade recipe I made for my kids lemonade stand in Ojai, bottle it up and serve it to many, many more people in the hopes to help pay off the loans.  Its been six years, while the loans are slowly getting paid back, I have been given a gift, a beautiful business of delicious lemonades each created carefully, lovingly and with care as I select the best possible ingredients I can find to fill my bottles.  I am proud of what we have created, and I am eternally grateful for each and every customer, retailer, supplier and distributor who has believed in our dream.  Every day I sit down to journal my thoughts, hopes and dreams for my dream company and each day I open my mind to the possibilities and unexpected surprises that may arrive.  Last week we had a fun opportunity to be a part of a documentary by some extremely talented students at Mount Saint Mary’s University.  After a bit of coordination via emails and phone calls, I found myself in the middle of being filmed, photographed and interviewed from my home aboard my sailboat and our LOL headquarters in Ventura. Liesl Davis, Filmmaker IntuitionFilms.com, Alice Delp and crew hauled their camera equipment, lights and everything they needed to create their story on us.  And bit by bit the magic of our startup story was unfolded.  These days I rarely take time to look back on our progress, as I am so focused on where I want us to be.  But, in those few moments I realized we have come so far, from that Mom turning 50, life changing and desperately wanting to give her kids a bit of an easier start on life than she had.  I did imagine that we would serve the million customers that we have served but I didn’t know how it would “feel”.  Well, I can say it feels pretty amazing…

with gratitude

Lori Volk, Chief Believer

Lori’s Original Lemonade

wish it dream it do it – anything is possible

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  1. Brenda Allison
    Brenda Allison says:

    YAHOOOO! Keep inspiring. You don’t know the depth of the impact on the many could you may reach. But, you are doing it.

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