Hello again, its my weekly update only its three weeks late… While I continue to write out my weekly updates in my head, it never seems to make it to print. We have been so busy at LOL working our new distribution plan and seeing the positive results from it couldn’t make me happier as we barrel down into summer.  After long 13 hour days for weeks it was time to take a short break and head south to our other off the grid house in Baja, Mexico for a few days. While I can work from there using our solar system internet, I spent time getting organized in what projects were going to happen next. It is a place I can free my mind and be creative while I dream whats next for my company. We have cut our distribution by several hundred stores since January to shift to a new local strategy of being sustainable and profitable (imagine that!) – it only took me 7 years to figure this out. But, at the same time I have been wondering if it was the right approach even though the numbers confirm we were absolutely spot on in our decision. As I sifted through the pile of mail on my desk yesterday, I saw a familiar car drive up to my office. I stepped out and saw my dear customer, Elaine. Elaine is a most treasured customer who found us one day because a local retailer kept running out of our product and she needed my Lavender Lemonade for her worker as he drank one bottle everyday. Elaine is 92 and as spry and so full of life that I am sure she could run circles around most people I know half her age. She is all smiles as she opens the car door as she steps out to give me a hug. “I have a present for you!” Elaine said. She opens the trunk of her one of a kind specialty built Subaru that is in mint condition. As she reaches into her trunk she pulls out this beautiful sign “Believe” it says in gold. She says, “You are the Chief Believer and this is for you!” I hugged and thanked her as I gave her a case of our special Lavender Lemonade. As I sat back down to the pile of mail at my desk I remembered back when I started this company. While yes, I wanted to pay for college for our three kids, I had also made another wish, to connect back to people after becoming an empty nester. And while I thought I started this business to “sell bottles of lemonade” Elaine reminded me its much more than that. There is magic in this company, a special feeling that I have whenever I am working in it. I am so proud of what we have created and more thankful for the people who have helped us along the way.

From our family to yours, our mission is to bring you the most delicious organic lemonades to share with those you love.

Lori Volk, Chief Believer Lori’s Original Lemonade since 2011