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Breathing in the warm salty air of the Sea of Cortez as my husband Tom and I have escaped the chaotic world of building companies for a bit of peace before lemonade goes into full swing.  After making massive changes in how my lemonade will arrive to you, my amazing customers, I have been depleted of any creative energy and needed to find peace in the slow pace of Baja. For over 39 years we have travelled the Baja Peninsula and fell in love with its people, culture and the intense and ever changing beauty of this magical land.

As I sit here now day 5 in our off the grid 30′ round Mexican brick house, I reflect on the short time we have had here as we will be leaving in a couple of days.  Orders from our valued retailers and distributors our still flowing in via my solar powered casa that is connected to a series of repeaters along the coast to get us wifi service.  I am eternally grateful for those retailers I have chosen to keep. The retailers and distributors who value the small manufacturer and appreciate the quality of our lemonades even though we are not the least expensive option. In cutting over half of my distribution to become profitable and more importantly sustainable, I just realized I have already achieved my new projections for March – and its only 7 days in! With each day that passes through the lemonade company I realize how much more I can learn from it by listening to my heart and staying true to my mission. I started this to pay for college for three kids, but I believe it is much bigger than that now and I am learning to enjoy the process of bringing the lemonade company to its full potential- albeit the most challenging task I have ever taken on – I wish you continued success as you push for your dreams!

Our mission is to bring you the most delicious, organic lemonades to share with those you love.

Lori Volk, Chief Believer/Ironman

Lori’s Original Lemonade since 2011


lori volk