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12/15/19 10:03 pm

Just Show Up

Life aboard the boat on a cold winter Sunday night usually ends with the little space heater going full blast in the salon and watching the latest show on the small Direct TV that is mounted on the bulkhead. Tonight its one of my favorite classics, The Sound of Music while sipping a homemade hot buttered rum to warm up after talking to our dock mates well after the sun went down. Our sailboat is rocking again at the dock with the winds just starting up again with the 5ft WNW swell just outside the harbor rolling in only a few hundred yards away.

This week was productive, checking in with my business Coach/Mentor – this time is invaluable to me and we have made amazing progress this year because of it, a few deliveries, catching up on emails and working through the financials. We’ve surpassed our goals for this month more than I could have ever imagined this week. And if that wasn’t good enough, we got word that I will get to have a tv interview to talk about our story with an unbelievably amazing person and can’t wait to share the details with you as soon as I can!

So, it reminds me of how each day, for the last 8 years I keep showing up to LOL, at first to my desk in the corner of our living room in Ojai when I started, and now to the same desk now located in my Ventura office. And as I show up, I am most certainly amazed at the adventures I have had because of it. When I created LOL, I just wanted to sell lemonade to pay for the parent plus loans we took out for our kids and I couldn’t have possibly imagined what would happen next. As we have gratefully accepted awards over the years and all of the amazing opportunities that have come our way, I think about how I could have missed these if I had given up. I think about the most special moments and occasions that families have shared our lemonades  and how they wouldn’t have had it if I had given up.

I’ve met Oprah, Steve Demos, William Bolthouse, Seth Goldman, John Mackey, Malcom Gladwell and so many more amazing people along the way. My lemonade has taken me from Reno to New York keeping me out of my comfort zone every single step of the way.

Lessons learned this week; Just show up. You may not know what’s next, and surely the path may be unclear, but if you show up, you will find your way. And the rewards in showing up will be far greater than you could ever have dreamed possible.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

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