Hello there!

It’s a new year and with that stirs up so many emotions.  What was accomplished, what did I do, didn’t I do, should have done, shouldn’t have done? The questions are endless and relenting.  But, this morning I wake up on our cozy sailboat, our home for the last 4 years, surrounded by the warm feel of the hand carved teak from Taiwan and I see the first light starting to stream through the ports and hatches.  Still feeling the effects of the winter cold/flu that has a grip on the entire California coast I don’t want to get up, just close my eyes and drift off to far off lands. But, I know that my company is waiting for me, its time to create again, and it pulls me out of the comfort of my bunk to make progress on another day.  As I drink my hot coffee I remember the events of yesterday, at the coffee shop, a lovely woman stopped me as she saw my car wrapped with my lemonade brand.  Her and her daughter simply loved my lemonades – as I hurried to get her a couple of her favorite flavors out of my little car, she asked me “Have you gone on Shark Tank??”! I smiled and told her I had thought about it. She then gave me all the encouragement I needed to start my first day back at the office after the holiday.  “Keep going, don’t give up” are the words I remember this morning.  And so then, we get to create again, our life for 2018.  I am setting my sights high, very high this year and I hope you do too.  Because, you just never know where you might end up and where you will land – it may be right in the middle of your dream life.


Lori, Chief Believer

Lori’s Original Lemonade