loris original lemonade herbsWhile we have been making our lemonade for years with just fresh lemons, pure water, cane sugar and fresh lavender flowers, we have found out that what is on the market isn’t exactly simple and pure ingredients.  As a mom of three kids I realized early on that we needed to move to “whole foods” and less prepared “junk” and processed foods. Yes, they were convenient, but I realized that there were more additives than actual real food.

When we started Lori’s Original Lemonade we started looking around at what was on the market shelves.  What we found was lots and lots of stuff we couldn’t pronounce and a bunch of additives that helped to make the product “look better.”  Concentrates, corn syrup, flavorings, colorings and other preservatives — none of which I wanted to serve our family.

Why do the manufacturers do this?

Well, after calculating all of my costs I realize it is pure and simple — all of those things save money to the manufacturer. That is why you can buy a 1/2 gallon of Lemonade for $3 or less! But, is that what you really want to drink? Just to save some money?

Every bottle/can/carton is exactly the same color, clarity and look every time! Why? Because they control it with additives, preservatives, and coloring.

Our Lemonades are organic, and what you see on the label is what you get — real foods, real product and not to mention we have tasted just about every lemonade we can get our hands on and we have to say that LOL is possibly the best lemonade we have ever tasted! Try it yourself and let us know what you think at www.facebook.com/LorisOriginalLemonade.

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