”Lori Volk, You are an Ironman!” These were the words that I heard almost 20 minutes to midnight on 11/18/2012 in Tempe Arizona.  I had trained for a solid 3 years with focused training for one year prior to the event. I am compelled to write about this on the anniversary that I accomplished a goal that I never thought I could achieve. While I finished with just 20 minutes to spare, crossing the finish line was more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Everyone there, from the spectators, my coach, my team, was a part of the energy that goes into the Ironman event. I remember a woman passing me near the finish line – she had one leg and one prosthetic leg, I was in complete awe and admiration for being part of such a revered event. My mind had brought me to the finish line many times during training. During the most difficult training days, I would repeat the mantra and vision me running through the finish line as I heard my name and You are an Ironman in my head. Each time I envisioned it, it became more real and detailed. As far as my mind was concerned it happened. I learned to visualize my goals early in my 20’s when I worked for a very dynamic cellular telecommunications company in the early 80’s. They taught me how to visualize in detail achieving goals. This practice came in especially strong during my training. It would become the biggest physical achievement of my life so far. Before I started I had been literally afraid to put my face in the water without a mask. I had to learn how to swim and had the most amazing Coach Rick in Ojai to teach me. It was the perseverance and carefully orchestrated training plans that Coach Julianna put together so mindfully that we were so connected by the end that we were a well orchestrated team making the mission impossible possible. It was this very important time in my life that gave me just the right amount of confidence that I needed to start Lori’s Lemonade. As I was getting stronger physically, my company was building a solid foundation and most of my ideas would come during my long training days in Ojai as I looped the valley for hours on end, either on foot or bike, after I swam at the pool or ocean. It was clearing and freeing being outside all of those hours and it was the only time I could be free to create and dream of what I could do with LOL. I remember distinctly another Ironman friend said, once you are an Ironman, you are always an Ironman and no one can ever take that away from you.

So, break from the pack, dream big dreams and remember Anything is Possible…

Lori Volk, Chief Believer Officer/Ironman

Lori’s Original Lemonade