A day in the life of lemonade…

The sky is filled with brilliant colors this morning casting pink shadows over the harbor where my husband and I now live on our sailboat.  Four years ago I took my life shook it up and today, have nothing that resembles my former life or self.  Selling our family home of 25 years to cut down our expenses and launching into the beverage world with a little lemonade recipe that I used to make in my kitchen for my kids has now put me into a new life/world of discovery, possibilities and the “anything is absolutely possible” place where nothing is impossible.

But what does it mean? Why was I given this opportunity? After listening to Zhena, Founder of Gypsy Teas speak last night at a new Women’s giving group I realized again I was asking these questions of myself and my company.  As she spoke of pioneering Fair Trade for her tea company in the early days I started to think about the growers again of our lemons, sugar, lavender, ginger and lemongrass – who are they? While we only purchase organic ingredients, we haven’t gone fair trade yet. How are we to help? Is it to help our industry to bring more awareness to the customers how important organic and a clean label is? As a mom, I see young children come up to our “lemonade stand” in the stores as they sip our lemonade and I know that providing them a pure product free of chemicals, preservatives and additives is the most important thing we can do.  So, with that, I set off this morning back to the office with one of my quests to find out more about the people behind our lemonade, the farmers, the bottlers, the sustainable glass manufacturers to bring you closer to the lives of the people who are really working to change the industry – we are just the vehicle for helping them…

Lori, Chief Believer/Founder

Lori’s Original Lemonade

crisp refreshing lemonade